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The Ballad Of George Chuvalo
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09/07 Showroom Rebels
02/04 Die Liebe in Gedanken
12/03 Pop ist Sheriff 3
01/03 Pop ist Sheriff 2
09/01 Pop ist Sheriff
05/99 Yellow Stage King
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"Die Liebe in Gedanken"
Movie Trailer (Quicktime)
Sheriff 2 TV spot (Real 9)

- www.liebe-in-gedanken.de
- www.latelounge.de
 HAZ 049

Since 1997 Hazelwood Vinyl Plastics, the label for the tolerant stoic, has issued music of extraordinary and dissenting artists. We call them showroom rebels – even though this compilation is more likely to show the musing and introverted moments of the revolutionary. Some might find it hard to discover the guiding theme in the colorful miscellaneousness of the Hazelwood catalogue, but it’s definitely there! Bands on Hazelwood have a sense of humor, take to the irony of life, and are open-minded about the absurd. People we sign with are endued with generosity, gentleness, modesty and tact. No pretenders, no arrogant cretins, no cheaters or finks. A Hazelwood artist is reflective, curious, and conscious of the fact that he won’t be able to form the world as he thinks best – an acute observer with an appreciation for fairness, who draws fine distinctions whenever it comes to morals. This compilation goes out to all of our friends, to the old ones, to the new ones – and of course to all those who might become our friends after listening to this album and don’t even know it yet. Are you out there?!



1 Call You Mine - Kenneth Minor
2 Is This Me, My Friend - Mardi Gras.bb
3 Bare Hands - Smutfish
4 On A Brass Bed - King Khan & The Shrines
5 Favorite Nerd - The Mighty Three
6 Bunny Hop - Hoodoo Girl
7 I've Been Your Good Thing - DM Bob & Country Jem
8 I'm The One - House Williams
9 Propaganda Song - The Broken Beats
10 The Ballad Of George Chuvalo - Friendly Rich & The Lollipop People
11 Spider - Silver Rocket
12 Zeppelin Desaster - The Great Bertholinis
13 Veering Between The Genders - Club Of High Eyebrows
14 Dorey Mono - The Audience
15 CV - Jerobeam
16 Georgina - John Q Irritated
17 Mayonnaise Brain - Bobby Bare Jr.
18 Lesbian Girls - Kool Ade Acid Test
19 Brush Air - Puts Marie
20 Motorways - Low 500
21 Now That You're Dead - Saccharine Trust
22 Bimbo's Theme - The King Khan & BBQ Show
23 Herb - Reverend's Revenge


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