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the Underdog
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Devil’s Dilemma

Love Criminal
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11/10 The Underdog
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Super Preachers Theme
I Feel Happy

 HAZ 064

THE UNDERDOG, the second full length from SUPER PREACHERS, the artist lodge founded around the Paris-based film and sound artist François Carles, invites the listener to a trans-musical pop shopping with no limit on the credit card. While in Germany their record debut STEREOPHONIC SOMETIMES was widely unnoticed upon its release in 2003, the tracks from the album made their way through the WWW to Hollywood. Whether as the theme song of the Chevy Chase film “Goose on the Loose”, or as a musical contribution to the US cult comedy “Malcolm in the Middle”, American film companies like Warner or Columbia seem to appreciate the ’Beat Bizarre’ of the French cosmopolitan. In 2006, François Carles was entrusted with the score of the British burlesque movie “Sex Lives of the Potato Men”, starring Johnny Vegas & Mackenzie Crook, and it wasn’t to be the last cinematic escapade for the SUPER PREACHERS. Also newsworthy is that the track “I Feel Happy” runs in the trailer of the brand new Harrison Ford flick “Morning Glory”. THE UNDERDOG merges angry girl rrriot hymns, orchestral big beat serenades, genuine Billie Holiday chanson and nonchalant hip-hop skills into a pop musical masterpiece.

Guitars, Bass & Keyboard: Jerome Frulin
Bass, Guitars, Keyboards & Backing Vocals: B.Alone
Drums & Percussions: David Menard Keyboard, Programming & Turntables: François Carles


Vocals: Sista Moon
Vocals: Maria Timm
Vocals: Bernd Pflaum
Vocals: Sista Moon
Vocals: Patrick Tilon
Vocals: Joanne Stocky
Vocals: Sticklepath Bandits
Vocals: Karl Off
Trombone: Kropol
Saxophone: Jean Marc Thurier
Choir: Dhaya Bessaih, Maja Bieler Kristina Kristofferson

Recorded, mixed and produced by François Carles, Kaneoka One & Two Horses .
Mastered by Kaneoka One at Hazelwood Studios.


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