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Smokestack Lightnin'
heads of agreement
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04/08 Heads of Agreement

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Heads Of Agreement

Don´t you go to sleep, dear?!…..intone Batke/Graef  and board the musical loveletter. With three chord romance and druggy avant-garde, with B52 surf skills and testube folk,  it propagates the obscure in Human being. Thereby the rhetorical question is meant quite aimed at the hallucinogenic effect of the weary gaffer. With an overdose of all this, anything from Peter and the Wolf to California daydreams, from submarine bubbling to fuck-you-mentality  is packed into Country. As if it had always belonged there. And underneath it all, the Ringo-mania of rhythm beater M. Kargel moves the masses while D. Hess´s twang guitar cuts the raw piece of music into bite-sized slices. Someone here is obviously having a hell of a lot of fun playing with cliches. Is this still called, “Country”? Why don´t you go to sleep, dear?! Wonderful!
  LINEUP ON "Heads Of Agreement":

Bernie Batke - vocals, backing vocals, upright bass, bass, glockenspiel
Frieder Graef - guitars, vocals, backing vocals, bass, organ;
Michael Kargel - drum, percussion;
Dirk Hess - guitars, backing vocals

Recorded, mixed and produced by Two Horses & Kaneoka One at Hazelwood Studios, Frankfurt.


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