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Visible At Given Temperature


Hicaz Mandira
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08/12 Visible At Given Temperature

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A dunning sun emerges from the Arabian Nights upon the crests of Hindukush and casts vast shadows over a hysterical Occident. A land, which even on the verge of systematic worst case scenario, has not learned its lessons from history. Even though Islamophobia cannot be mentioned in this context, the RSO-debut ‘Visible At Given Temperature’ has led to stage bans before its release. In minaret-free Switzerland, an event producer demanded the scimitars of the RSO-Logo to be banished. A quite snappy request by a Swiss whose national hero aims a crossbow at a child . If an artwork showing mounted musketeers with florets would have led to the same pacifistic diligence will remain inexplicable. The band declined this generous offer politely but firmly. Is the statement behind the album political? Of course it is! RSO combines traditional keys, beats and lifestyles of the Euro-Oriental musical art with western minted club music in a completely unique way. And they are accomplishing this without finding themselves drowning in clichés. This alone is political. Although metres, rhythms and cadences seem to be able to vertiginously please an untrained internal ear, the music remains unpretentious, easy-going and impertinently danceable. Every single track calls the visualization of an original soundtrack its own, creates and ceases foreign and exotic worlds out of the blue- an imaginary cinema without celluloid. The modus operandi of the producer is merely noticeable, who himself provided acts like The Great Bertholinis, Broken Beats or the notorious Mardi Gras.bb with similar attributes. Thus, it seems more than fitting that MG.bb legend DJ Mahmut, Gentleman-DJ No.1, without a baseball cap or baggy pants, is once again responsible for the classy as well as explosive sound fragments.

VISIBLE AT GIVEN TEMPERATURE is the soundtrack of culture clash; radical yet engaging, revolutionary yet distressing, light yet virtuoso.

An exorbitant danceable plea for the critical reason. Elephant cow Tuffi would have liked it!!!




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