My Private Hadron
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Boogie Queen

Child of Pop
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11/10 Von Humboldt Picnic - Limited Edition
03/10 Von Humboldt Picnic
09/08 My Private Hadron
02/07 The Exile Itch
09/05 ...The Mighty Three
09/04 29 Moonglow
10/03 Heat
03/02 Zen Rodeo

08/00 Supersmell

05/99 Alligatorsoup

07/02 Hop Sing Song EP
03/02 Kung Fu Fighting

04/01 Singlesmasher

10/00 Psychoflute

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Kung Fu Fighting (Real 9)
Down Down Down (Real 9)
Psychoflute (Real 9)
Hop Sing Song (Real 9)
by françois leroy and
stéphanie lansaque
Circorama (Real 9)
by Francois Leroy
Metropolis vs. Suburbia (Real 9)

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 HAZ 059

Rotgut, junkfood, aspirin, brewed and enjoyed in lonesome hotel room. A cold Messiah, that long skinny one, with eternally crossed and perforated hands, standing tower high, appears again with a purple loincloth and shaggy-hairdo (like with Lynch) in front of your bed and forgives you for all those secret sins because he (also he) is currently stoned. Lies, wantons of the past, dirty underwear and the careless handling of herpes, ring tones and other fruity games. Who that frightens, cemented in the dry swamp grooves, smashed in ten to the power of minus thirteen fragments, overflowing with Tiger organ cascades, driven into brass by rusty horns, cut up by the cold of twang guitars, plastered by the warm of flugelhorns - Who that frightens, is excused.

The rest are invited!

After the furious release cycles of bygone days – seven albums and as many world tours in just seven years – this time, Doctor Wenz, rose brain of the Mardi brass dissidents took a solid 24 months to polish up the new piece. "My Private Hadron" is the title of the highly expected (from fans and press alike) eighth record, which appears, in accordance with it's atomic number, in October 08 on the Frankfurt based label Hazelwood Vinyl Plastics. The physicist knows Hadrons are nuclear particles, ten to the power of minus thirteen centimeters sized, spheric, subject to strong interaction and therefore are extremely instable. The layman senses the band accompanying "the world's last big entertainer" (Musikexpress) is again up to something elementary. Who on top of that knows about the antiparallel spin and the almost manic affection of the so called "Teutonic Phenomenon" (Rolling Stone, USA) to shit on the laws of the international music biz by seamlessly inventing itself anew with each and every album, will be anxious for what is next to come. What should be given away: Reverend Krug, woofer and spiritus rector of the band, instead of handling the mandatory sousaphone or a secular snarling double bass, has this time tightened a threateningly low hanging electric bass over his holy shoulder and he absolutely doesn't feel like backing off. After all the fallen priest, back in his days as the bass maker of the German Krautrock legend Guru Guru, was one of those who appointed the contemporary post punk skills to office.

What form is, has the will to be formed. Quarks and quantums, Keppler and Bohr - mysterious is the nucleus, mystery remains the will.



Doc Wenz - Vocals, Electric Guitar, Piano, Tiger Organ
Reverend Krug - Electric Bass Guitar
Javier de la Poza - All These Drums
Andreas Pompe - Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet
Lömsch le Mans - Baritone Saxophone, Clarinet
Mathias Demmer - Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Clarinet
Mr. Bishop - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Florian Wehse - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Robert Solomon - Trombone
Franz Johannes Goltz - Trombone
DJ Mahmut - Turntables, Fragments

Two Horses - Windchimes
Kaneoka One - Triangle

All songs recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Two Horses and Kaneoka One for Hazelwood Music Production at Hazelwood Studios Frankfurt, Germany.


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