29 Moonglow
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  Dark Days

Wrong Bottle
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11/10 Von Humboldt Picnic - Limited Edition
03/10 Von Humboldt Picnic
09/08 My Private Hadron
02/07 The Exile Itch
09/05 ...The Mighty Three
09/04 29 Moonglow
10/03 Heat
03/02 Zen Rodeo

08/00 Supersmell

05/99 Alligatorsoup

07/02 Hop Sing Song EP
03/02 Kung Fu Fighting

04/01 Singlesmasher

10/00 Psychoflute

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Kung Fu Fighting (Real 9)
Down Down Down (Real 9)
Psychoflute (Real 9)
Hop Sing Song (Real 9)
by françois leroy and
stéphanie lansaque
Circorama (Real 9)
by Francois Leroy
Metropolis vs. Suburbia (Real 9)

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 HAZ 031 HAZ 031V

„Reason in revolt now thunders“ proclaims the band that set forth to crack some impertinent crevices into the Pantheon of popular idolatry and strikes up the polyglot sinsong in vermilion. Like a scattered huddle of love-mad Trappists in unified gallop the schizogenic orchestra stampers through the groove, having the estonishing up their sleeve, and the audience descending to the fundament. With Rag and Swamp, Cajun and Jungledrums the trail leads to the roaring twenties, to alert carousals in dens of absinth and parlours of cocaine, to strange spirituals in the shadow of the barracks, where, in conspirative ecstasy, the revolutionary primal brew croaks out of the sound-organs of the Creole adepts to bring the swing to an entire era of music.
Doktor Wenz, the intractable Buffo, creates bizarre counter-worlds, pupates to the Maître of galant cadences, meets Donavan to buoyant shalms in the Quartier Français, strolls through the continents and the decades and laughs a big BROUHAHA! at the astonished pack. Yet it reverberates from the minarets. Yet New Orleans lies by the Hindukusch. And above all of this lies the exhalation of the olden times, glows the striking satellite in the colour of the introverted. 29moonglow titles the last, first chapter of the Mardi and ends exactly where Alligatorsoup once started: in wild blooming. In 3-D and cinemascope.


Doktor Wenz: Vocals, Electric Guitar, Upright Piano, Tambourine
Reverend Krug: Sousaphon, Contrabass, Spiritualisation
Erwin Ditzner: Snare Drum, Drum Set, Huge Cymbal
Drago von Traben: Huge Drum, Claves, Petit Cymbal
DJ Mahmut: Turntables, Samples
Mr. Bishop: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Captain Kipper: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Steffen "La Rose" Weber: Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone
Gary Offsteen: Tenor Saxophone
Christl Marley: Bariton Saxophone, Alto Saxophone
Lömsch Le Mans: Clarinet, Bariton Saxophone
Robert Solomon: Sackbut
Uli "Bluegrass" Röser: Sackbut
Leif Sommermeyer: Additional Piano

All songs recorded, mixed and produced by Gordon "Two Horses" Friedrich and Wolfgang "Kaneoka One" Gottlieb for and at Hazelwood.


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