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Von Humboldt Picnic
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Monk Punk

Benin Ismin Mahmut Altunay
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11/10 Von Humboldt Picnic - Limited Edition
03/10 Von Humboldt Picnic
09/08 My Private Hadron
02/07 The Exile Itch
09/05 ...The Mighty Three
09/04 29 Moonglow
10/03 Heat
03/02 Zen Rodeo

08/00 Supersmell

05/99 Alligatorsoup

07/02 Hop Sing Song EP
03/02 Kung Fu Fighting

04/01 Singlesmasher

10/00 Psychoflute

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Kung Fu Fighting (Yt*)
Down Down Down (Yt*)
Psychoflute (Yt*)
Hop Sing Song (Yt*)
by françois leroy and
stéphanie lansaque
Circorama (Dm**)
by Francois Leroy
Metropolis vs. Suburbia

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++ Dailymotion

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 HAZ 070

25 - 95 sec

Gingerbreadlagoon at Malabarcoast. Da Gama leaning against palm - Finally.

25-95 sec

Up into the deep-frozen unflat of the himalaya. Monk Punks. Drunken chasms with mohawk and alphorn - Finally.

25-95 sec

Moscow. The Underground at midnight. Sinister lure. Ice-blossom and rail services. Irina smile - Finally.

// In the footprints of the explorers and fantasizers, the Mardi caravan swings from the top of the world right into the beating heart of darkness. Doctor Wenz - in a beige Paletot, with a tropic topee and a tsetse-veil, optionally high on camel and/or elephant - sways his neck with the step of the animal.

Camera Obscura.

Behind, on a manila rope, the group of explorers:

In the ivory shadow of the referent Krug: The band. Followed by James Fenimore Cooper, Jules Verne, Karl May, Herman Melville, Jack London (as the ambassador of modern fiction), Da Gama, Columbus, Magellan, (the frostbitten) Scott and Amundsen, Hedin, Marco Polo, Lindbergh and Heyerdahl.

...everyone is here by choice.

Von Humboldt Picnic, the last album of Mardi, stumbles up and down the time stream (filled with mischief and lots of good friends), between lottery and life, between botanist s container and bomb terror, between container dream and beloved venality. On and on and on...Mardi discovered the Transhimalaya, the springs of the rivers Brahmaputra, Indus, Sutlej and the lake Lop Nor, as well as the remains of towns, tombs and forgotten towers in the deserts.

Factum infectum fieri non potest



Doc Wenz: vocals, guitars, piano
Reverend Krug: sousaphone, upright bass, electric bass
DJ Mahmut: turntables, samples
Mr.Bishop: trumpet, flugelhorn
Robert Solomon: trombone
Franz Johannes Goltz: trombone
Andreas Pompe: tenor saxophone, flute
Mathias Demmer: tenor saxophone, clarinet
Hans Martin Eberhardt: baritone saxophone
Florian von Schlechtriemen: small drum, tom tom, bells, big cymball
Javier de la Poza: big drum, small cymbal

Two Horses: additional vocals on "Delhi Morning Raga" and "Benim Ismim Mahmut Altunay"

All songs published by Edition Woo, produced by Two Horses & Kaneoka One at Hazelwood Studios/Frankfurt am Main. Analog Mastering by Chris Müller.


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