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  Y.C. Kill The Music

Queen Atropine
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11/10 Von Humboldt Picnic - Limited Edition
03/10 Von Humboldt Picnic
09/08 My Private Hadron
02/07 The Exile Itch
09/05 ...The Mighty Three
09/04 29 Moonglow
10/03 Heat
03/02 Zen Rodeo

08/00 Supersmell

05/99 Alligatorsoup

07/02 Hop Sing Song EP
03/02 Kung Fu Fighting

04/01 Singlesmasher

10/00 Psychoflute

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Kung Fu Fighting (Real 9)
Down Down Down (Real 9)
Psychoflute (Real 9)
Hop Sing Song (Real 9)
by françois leroy and
stéphanie lansaque
Circorama (Real 9)
by Francois Leroy
Metropolis vs. Suburbia (Real 9)

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From the Orcus, the depth of the multimedial basic rushing, Mardi lift up their very own system of values based on the creative arbitrariness of the non-conformists. In doing so, le Docteur du Son succeeds in giving his original broth patchwork of musical bowing and sound reminiscences both explosive power and authenticity in an impressive way. Along with the usual creole patterns, stoic dj grooves are anchoring vivid second-line funk in the here and now, melody fragments that have been playfully elevated announce obvious closeness to Hip Hop and Easy Listening of days gone by, without, however, dissolving itself in it. Wonderful that artistic relevance can be so danceable.


Doktor Wenz: lead vocals, mixed choirs, electric guitars, piano
Reverend Krug: sousaphone, spiritualisation
Erwin Ditzner: drums, percussion
Drago von Traben: bassdrum, rototoms
Steffen "La Rose" Weber: tenor saxophone, flute
Christl Marley: baritone saxophone
Lömsch le Mans: baritone saxophone
Gary Offsteen: baritone saxophone
Uli „Bluegrass“ Röser: trombone
Robert Solomon: trombone
Käptn Kipper: trumpet, flugelhorn
Chris Bishop: trumpet, flugelhorn
Dj Mahmut: beats, turntables


Matthias "Maze" Leber: organ, keys
Steven Gaeta: electric bassguitar
Ellen Holck: female choir
Maria Timm Wachmann: female choir
Kim Munk: male choir
Lennart: Salomon: washboard
Jan Terstegen: some electric guitar
Thomas Böltken: some percussion
Gordon Friedrich: some organ, some percussion and choir
Wolfgang Gottlieb: accoustic guitar, triangle

All songs recorded, mixed and produced by Gordon Friedrich and Wolfgang Gottlieb at Hazelwood Studios Frankfurt.


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