The Exile Itch
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  Now That We’re Gone

Life Is Lonely
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11/10 Von Humboldt Picnic - Limited Edition
03/10 Von Humboldt Picnic
09/08 My Private Hadron
02/07 The Exile Itch
09/05 ...The Mighty Three
09/04 29 Moonglow
10/03 Heat
03/02 Zen Rodeo

08/00 Supersmell

05/99 Alligatorsoup

07/02 Hop Sing Song EP
03/02 Kung Fu Fighting

04/01 Singlesmasher

10/00 Psychoflute

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Kung Fu Fighting (Real 9)
Down Down Down (Real 9)
Psychoflute (Real 9)
Hop Sing Song (Real 9)
by françois leroy and
stéphanie lansaque
Circorama (Real 9)
by Francois Leroy
Metropolis vs. Suburbia (Real 9)

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 HAZ 043/044

Mardi is back: And how! Grandioser, more glorified and more massive than ever. As if there were no today and no tomorrow, the emminent orchester accompanying "the last big entertainer" marches through the album which is – in words, sights and sounds – more than capable in starting a new epoch. In the vernacular of the great songwriters, Le Docteur du Son surfs through the glorified spectacle and operates the many tongued soundmachine Mardi like a humanoid synclavier, unfolds it to symphonic dimensions and refolds it to the sound of a singular acoustic guitar. An album like a monument, a blazing beacon as a reference for all to come. And as if this were not enough: In the current of the mother album – unceasingly demanded by fans and the press alike – the live testimonial flows, not as one of those fancy DVD gimmicks but as one grown up, 90 minute full length concert movie that by the press date was already searching for its peers in the pool of international film festivals.

Even after selling 100.000 albums, Mardi 2007 is – in words, sights and sounds – the same as it ever was. Pop Ruckus!


Doc Wenz: vocals, electric guitar, piano, blues harp, glockenspiel, tamborine
Reverend Krug: sousaphone, double bass, electric bass guitar Sir Erwin Ditzner: drums and orchestra hits
Javier de la Poza: big drum, small cymbals
Lömsch Le Mans: bariton saxophone, clarinet
Andreas Pompe: tenor saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet
Mr. Bishop: trumpet, flügelhorn
Florian Wehse: trumpet, flügelhorn
Blue Grass Röser: trombone
Robert Solomon: trombone
Bernhard Vanecek: trombone
DJ Mahmut: turntables

Recorded, mixed and produced by Two Horses & Kaneoka One at Hazelwood Studios, Frankfurt.


LINEUP ON "the unveiling of THE EXILE ITCH" (DVD):

Doc Wenz: vocals, electric guitar, blues harp, maracas
Reverend Krug: sousaphone, spiritual guidance
Sir Erwin Ditzner: small drum, big cymbal
Javier De La Poza: big drum, small cymbal
Blue Grass Röser: trombone
Robert Solomon: trombone
Mr. Bishop: trumpet
Gary Offsteen: tenor sax, flute, clarinet
Lömsch Le Mans: baritone saxophone
Dj Mahmut: turntables

Also Starring:

magic person: Stefan Mathes
she-dog: Fluh Hazelwood

Shot June 06 at the UT Connewitz Leipzig/Germany. Directed & edited by Two Horses.


the unveiling of THE EXILE ITCH
DVD Tracklisting

1. My Heart Flies Back To You
2. The Railroad Song
3. Dark Days
4. Dreamtime In Memphis
5. Mexican Mash*
6. Life Is Lonely
7. Psychoflute
8. Kung Fu Fighting
9. Hop Sing Song
10. Bittersweat
11. Down Down Down
12. Prescription Blues
13. Under Control
14. I Was Blind
15. Country Music Lover
16. Jungle Telegraph
17. Now That We're Gone
18. Let It Shine!


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