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dandy riot
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Mary-Ann Finn
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03/07Dandy Riot

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Whether "folk punk" in the mold of bands like the legendary Violent Femmes or "punk folk" in the likes of the young David Bowie, in the end its not what you call it but rather its the excitement and euphoria of its youth combined with the remarkable artistic fantasy (which is actually a product of this tender age) that the band with the unique name draws upon to create this significant occurrence. It's in the way that the bodies of these acoustical instruments, in particular, are slammed, whipped, beaten and otherwise abused and the wooden materials operating on the edge of physical capacity that gives this Swiss ensemble their swank understatement that the "big bands" always demonstrate. And so this biomass moans, groans and grinds through a 50 minute symphonic spectacle and streaks through everything that’s fun without stopping or slowing down: Folk, Pop, Jazz, Rock'n'Roll, Rare Groove, Straight-Ahead-Punk – like a black hole, Puts Marie devours the musical mass and spits it back out into a cosmos in its own right that takes on total new dimensions.
And maybe its the grand performance that unfolds so artfully, and so self evidently, through this tactful performance. But perhaps the band with the unique name just knows, that in this circumstance, it's not necessarily becoming to show off by doing everything that you are capable of doing.

We are amazed!


Igor Stepniewsky: Double Bass, Vocals, Horns
Max Usata: Lead Vocals, Megaphone
Sirup Gagavil: Guitar, Vocals
Nick Porsche: Drums, Vocals, Percussion


Benny: Farfisa, Coverart
Wolfgang Gottlieb: Triangle
Savanne: Howling

Recorded, mixed and produced by Kaneoka One & Two Horses at Hazelwood Studios, Frankfurt.


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