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ego & the id
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Tangle To Unwind

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08/08Ego & The Id

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Inside, on the record, the music is like the flutter of wild geese, that two paris of brothers boisterously crosshatched and mimeographed with pencil onto a Sweedish sky of lightblue carbon paper, sprinkled with feather clouds. Inside, on the record, the bellbottoms-pop from Skargarden radiates that weightless melancolic enthusiasm native to the Scanadanvian songwriter. Inside on the record folk, pop and punk citations engage like cogs inside a musical time machine - a shuttleservice between yesterday and the day after tomorrow. Inside, on record, everything around is as familiar as good friends - friends who should actually be brothers as well: John Flansburgh & John Linnel (They Might Be Giants), Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel (Simon & Garfunkel), Brian Ritchie & Victor De Lorenzo (Violent Femmes).

Brothers keep the doors open when laughing and crying. Brothers keep the doors open because when brothers laugh and cry together, it's not emabarrasing.

Maybe that is solely what makes NERVOUS NELLIE marvelous. Maybe NERVOUS NELLIE are solely marvelous because they let us laugh and cry without indignity.


Henrik Jonzon - vocals, guitar, banjo
Magnus Johnson - guitar, vocals, piano
Andreas Johansson - drums, percussion, background vocals
Sebastian Johansson - bass, accordion

additional musicians:
Sarah Snavely - violins, background vocals
Malcolm Pardon - percussion

Recorded and produced by Peder Mannerfeldt & Henrik von Sivers at Five Guys And A Dog Studio/Stockholm, mixed by Kaneoka One, Henrik von Sivers & Peder Mannerfeldt at Hazelwood Studios/Frankfurt.


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