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Anything’s Possible
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Anything’s Possible

Monkey Three
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04/08 12 ways to count
04/10 Of Flight & Fury
07/11 Anything’s Possible
11/11 Miss You In The Days

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Anything’s Possible

The Miserable Rich have long been fans of the work of the legendary John Barry: it is a great compliment to have anyone say your work sounds a bit Barryesque, as indeed James had once complimented The Leisure Society’s Nick Hemming, back when they were both playing in Shoreline.

Holed-up in a countryside retreat, looking for new sounds and recording a new album, the band heard of John Barry’s death and spent a booze and nostalgia-fuelled evening searching YouTube to find the best of the legend’s work, sharing their favourite pieces and soundtracks.

Getting together for a jam later that night, they couldn’t help but be influenced by the slinky, sexy Barry style, and Anything’s Possible was born...

The lyric and title - a long-dead lover trying to rekindle the sexual flames from the other side, using music to get under the skin of his partner on the other side - was directly influenced by the oft-noted sexual nature of Barry’s themes.

Anything’s Possible is both a tribute to the much admired maestro and an introduction to a new, bolder sound for The Miserable Rich, featuring David ’Badlace’ Schlechtriemen (Driver Drive Faster) on drums; a taster for what is to come on the band’s next album...
  LINEUP ON "Anything’s Possible":

James de Malplaquet - Voc
Will Calderbank - Cello
Michael Siddell - Violin
Ricky Pritchard - Double Bass
David Schlechtriemen- Drums

Recordedby J. de Malplaquet and W. Calderbank. Mixed & mastered by Kaneoka One at Hazelwood Studios, Frankfurt, Germany.


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