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LOW 500
high commissioner

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02/05 High Commissioner
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High Commissioner grabs the audience like a summer night’s windstorm in the suction of an underground-train running through the station. It sucks on the suits spending such a refreshing and evoking chill that one just has to wonder about this surplus of liveliness in the middle of the tracks of the system. Morocco Slesina is winding the biomechanical striking mechanism like a stoned android under Jean Geilers fluttering organ-wings; the rocking bass gloomily argues over the Kraut like a raven taking revenge at the “upper” ten thousand – wild, resentful and insubordinate. Hallucinating electric guitars pad the long march through the cascades of melodies, divulging an agitated melancholy, and, cherishing themselves in doing so. And beyond the whole ensemble Sascha Beck proclaims the new order, a brain of roses daring to betake itself to flight. Low 500 celebrate their Pre-Post-Punk with the innocence of embryos who stray amidst the flickering ghost lights of Anglo-German music traditions cristalizing into an atomizing kaleidoscope of sound. Are they allowed to do that? “It doesn’t matter. Call the police!”


Sascha Beck - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Choir
York Bandow - Electric Guitar, Choir
Vincent Spielmann - Electric Bassguitar, Backing Vocals, Choir
Jean Geiler - Piano, Analog Synthesizer, Clavinet
Marokko Slesina - Drums, Triangle

All songs recorded, mixed and produced by Kaneoka One and Two Horses at Hazelwood Studios Frankfurt, Germany.


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