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Geraldine Penny
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Dr. Brain is back

Lesbian Girls
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08/03 Geraldine Penny
08/01 ..on the trail of Dr.Brain
05/97 Kool Ade Acid Test
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'Faust' / Hannover:

Mrs. Hippie (MP3)
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 Soulfood HAZ 024

Kaleidoscopic and surreal like a gigantic colourful cotton swab, so unravels the wonderland metaphoric of the Kool Ade Acid Test. Minutely detailed, with the euphoric serenity of a Beau getting on in the years, mastermind Steven Gaeta, the androgynous bard, directs the featherstroke and stages the bizzarre world of Geraldine Penny. The band wistfully intones it's poetic portrait of the gingerbread humanism that has decayed into an idealistic dream, as a suggestion to postmodernism. Spectacularly contemplative, boundlessly finite, but, above all, wonderfully different and screamingly uninhibited.


Steven Gaeta: vocals, acoustic guitar, bass guitar
Steve Moss: saxophone, harp, jew’s harp, vocals
Jan Terstegen: electric guitar, back vocs
Thomas Böltken: drums, vocals on Missis Hippie
Claus Kießelbach: marimbaphone, vibraphone

Special Appearances:
Matthias "Maze" Leber: piano, synthesizer, organ
Uli "Reverend" Krug: sousaphone, double bass
Lennart A. Salomon: back vocs, some drums,
some guitars, some piano
Kim Munk: chorus vocals, back vocs
Maria Timm Wachmann: vocals, female choirs
Ellen Holck: vocals on Sweet Potato Pie, female choirs
Robert "Solomon" Göhring: trombone
Steffen "La Rose" Weber: flute, some saxophone
Chris Bishop: trumpet, french horn
Christian Bornitz: back vocs
The Broken Beats: choir

All songs recorded, mixed and produced by Gordon Friedrich and Wolfgang Gottlieb for and at Hazelwood.


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