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what is?!

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Welfare Bread

No Regrets
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05/07 What Is?!
11/04 Billards at Nine Thirty (split with Dirt Bombs) LP/CD
06/04 Mr. Supernatural

06/03 Smash Hits! 10"
06/02 One You Love b/w
I See The Light 7"
01/02 Three Hairs And
You're Mine

06/00 Spread Your Love Like Peanutbutter 10"
01/00 Torture 7"

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 HAZ 048 (CD contains movie!)

„WHAT IS?” the exile Canadian Enfant Dingue, KING KHAN, inquires platonically as well as categorically through the brand new LP from the SHRINES and snatches the master question right out of the astonished community’s mouth. While it’s predecessor, Mr. Supernatural, dug itself knee deep into the suds of the seventies, this newest piece reaches, at least, one decade further back and decorates the garage with psychedelic iridescent wallpaper composed of uninhibited multi-colored dazzling sixties fragments. Between clashing, clanking Keith, Lou and Iggy flirtatious guitar psychodelica, the MAHARAJA OF SOUL unexpectedly mutates into the RAJA OF SONG and spits out fourteen manically affected unforgettables into the airwaves, singalongs like monoliths – stoic, bewitching, unmistakable. Starting in May 2007, the SHRINES will be milling away through Europe’s stagescape with a brutal charge of musical dynamite in their hand baggage and are going to leave behind them a colorful cleft of amazement. Its nice that the KING, besides the filming of his own MTV show and the US-Jet-Tour with his alter ego BBQ, found the time to carve the fury of an album into it’s grooves. Also enclosed on the CD is the stupendous short film from the young director MIRIAM GLASER, a cinematic gem that enlightens one with an understanding of KING KHAN’s transendental Utopia that is within everyones reach.


King Khan: vocals, guitar
Mr. Speedfinger: guitar
Riddiman: bass
John Boy Adonis: drums
Rahn Streeter: percussion
Fredovitch: lead organ
Sam Fransisco: trumpe, bells
Ben Ra: tenor saxophone
Big Fred Roller: baritone saxophone

Special guest: Kaneoka One on triangle.
Strings arranged and performed by Simon Nussbaum.

Recorded, mixed and produced by Kaneoka One and Simon Ae


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