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mr. supernatural

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On The Street Where...
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On A Brass Bed
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05/07 What Is?!
11/04 Billards at Nine Thirty (split with Dirt Bombs) LP/CD
06/04 Mr. Supernatural

06/03 Smash Hits! 10"
06/02 One You Love b/w
I See The Light 7"
01/02 Three Hairs And
You're Mine

06/00 Spread Your Love Like Peanutbutter 10"
01/00 Torture 7"

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KING KHAN ...and the shrines / Mr. Supernatural
Blazing brass levitating over a bubbling witches brew of raw scintillating Rhythm.n’Blues and deep fried rock n’soul. Like a rabid hurricane the SHRINES boost their audience - a heterogeneous batch of punks and junks, nerds and maniacs, of the brothers and sisters of Rock and Soul, of toad-lickers, of the apostles of the new Eros, pill-spinners and mushroom-lovers, of anarchists and sectarians, of freaks and “normal” people - into a fiery inferno of Soul and R&B, Cajun and Boogaloo.
KING KHAN is convulsively quivering with a staring gaze, the wooden sceptre in his hand, voodoo-baton with totem-skull, as he reigns over the nine-headed Hydra-band. Enmeshed by Bamboorella’s ritual go-go-dance, the Master’s scar-covered bare torso suggests that the “Maharadscha of Soul” himself had ripped the fangs of his alligator-neck-lace out of the gaping jaws of a swamp-reptile lacking any sense of humour. Concerts resembling spirituals, alike occult consecrations have founded the Legend of the Indo-Canadian Voodoo-Priest, who is said to have provoked an earthquake in the French city of Colmar by a single stroke of his Baton. On the other hand it is an undisputable fact that KING KHAN AND THE SHRINES have rediscovered the lost traditions of Stax and Motown, and that they have spiked them with a sordid dose of insubordination and psychedelic soul power, carrying Soul music back into the garages and bringing Punk back into snobby parlours all across Europe. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Bo Diddley, The mighty Hannibal, Curtis Mayfield and James Brown stood godfather to this just as Stiv Bators, Jello Biafra, Johnny Thunders or Joey Ramone did. MR. SUPERNATURAL is KING KHAN’s second album-vinyl-gravure. It invites you to a sultry jungle-séance inside the Swamp-Cosmodrome, where Hougan King Khan gets his mojo working to the sounds of pure blood curdling Soul and R&B with a touch of that sweer New Orleans Funk to make all them Voodoo-dolls seize the dancefloor and shimmey all their blues away..


King Khan: vocals
Mr. Speedfinger: guitar
Riddiman: bass
John Boy Adonis: drums
Ron Streeter: percussion
Freddy “Mr. Ovitch” Rococo: lead organ and piano
Sam Fransisco: trumpet
Ben Ra: tenor saxophone
Bid Fred Rollercoaster: baritone saxophone

All songs recorded, mixed and produced by Gordon "Two Horses" Friedrich and Wolfgang "Amadeus" Gottlieb for and at Hazelwood.


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