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john dear mowing club
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The Hole In The Heart

Bare Hands
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11/08 John Dear Mowing...

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John Dear Mowing Club
(The Band of Daniel Johnston)

On "John Dear Mowing Club", de Boer wraps his gloomy but somehow comforting poetry with the downy fluff of Folk, Americana, Alternative County and a whole lot of hysterical silence. De Boer's proximity to the giants of this genre, such as Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Lou Reed, Daniel Johnston, or Townes van Zandt, who inspired a song on the album, is neither coincidental nor exhaustive. De Boer doesn't copy anything. Rather, he uses the palette of good taste of the masters. He dips his brush in and paints his own extraordinary utopia on the canvas.

"I took your pride and brought it to the pawnshop / It wasn’t worth a thing / I went out and gave it to the drunkman / He gave me his diamond ring.“
  LINEUP ON "John Dear Mowing Club":

Melle De Boer: vocals, acoustic guitar, piano forte
Dick Zuilhof: electric guitar
Rob Lagendijk: double bass
Sean De Vries: Drums, Organ, Percussion

All songs by Melle De Boer

Recorded, mixed and produced by Kaneoka One & Two Horses at Hazelwood Studios, Frankfurt. Production assistant Peter Loiselle.


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