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I'm The One
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03/04 Revolutionist
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 Soulfood HAZ 027

The House Williams scoundrel provides a 505 comeback with the rowdy charm of a kicked dog, reconciling the decades and beating the blues into a new century: gospel choirs above trembling electricity, villainous guitar ecstasy on a semiconductor machinery - and above all of this, the split ego – The Revolutionist – throbs while straddling the sound cadaver.
As original as the German-American prototype Lex Barker, bible-beater Josef Bercek expresses the grotesque as an offering to common sense, the stoic Augur spreading a marshmallow-like melancholy along a lucullian power of Mousse au Chocolat to a seductive subversion. This is the moment when the Mid-West of the crumbling republic cries out “Hallelujah” to the world, ramming stubborn standards six feet deep into the aroused ground without any shame. That´s right!! Keep it up!


Vocals: Josef Bercek
Guitar: Dr. Alexander Mosert
Bass: Markus Rühl
MC 505: Christoph Schlegelmilch
Femail choir: Alexandra Georgi


Wolfgang Gottlieb: Percussion
Gordon Friedrich: Organ

Recorded, mixed and produced for and at Hazelwood by
Gordon Friedrich and Wolfgang Gottlieb.


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