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...calls the shots
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Your Cake Aint No Good

Hoo Doo Man
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11/07...calls the shots

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With the disarming, rollicking charm and laisse faire of the howling 60’s, the lady gang rocks and rolls its way through a 14 piece de resistance, borrowing from Stax and Motown, from soul legends and blues potentates without eclecticism, without false idol worshipping, as if painted from a palette of good taste where each colour harmonizes with the next. A frisky, who-dares-wins accordion brimming with a lust for life, elegant, ethereal backing vocals over a ruckus of a rhythm, mercilessly driven on by a big, growling bass and lead vocals, sexy, proud and audacious telling you just exactly what it’s all about. Ballsy, wild and yet debonair, the femmes fatales saunter through the uplifting tracks, exuding the very spirit that Dr John was talking about when he said ‚I been hoodooed’. Of course it’s retro, as retro as retro is when you’ve been breathing in rock ‚n’ roll. Infact it’s more 60’s than the 60’s in the 60’s ever could have been, because without being able to look back on the 60’s , how could the 60’s ever have been that 60’s anyway? So with us this far? Well.. ready or not, here they come.

Silky Toss – accordion, vocals
Peta Devlin – bass, drums, guitar, percussion, vocals
Susie Reinhardt – drums, guitar, percussion, vocals

Recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Kaneoka One at Hazelwood Studios Frankfurt for Hazelwood Music.


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