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04/10 Boon

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Dion October Lucas is the 5th element of music. With her brother Shem, the girl from Camden Town continues the antifolk-tradition of a whole generation of Maureen Tuckers, Nicos or Kim Gordons, without even knowing about it – which might be the most important thing.
Ms. Lucas sings „I´ve Never Seen Paris“ with the wonderful innocence and the autistic inflection of a female Daniel Johnston - as if it was nothing.

Spineless pony. Endless swimming. Vehement monotony that bears itself out of nothingness. Pitiless, like a fever-dream, the shapes rise up from the depths of the girls´ soul into consciousness, yearning for presence. Ms. Lucas bears the weight on narrow shoulders and sells consolation, so simply, that you want to descend hand in hand with her. Down to the vast cellars of thought. Let´s see what happens next. The brother and sister will be loved and hated for their abundance of presence, for their larger than life impression, for their fragility, according to how much presence one can handle.

The debut GOOD WEATHER GIRL / BOON opens with the original track “Don´t Worry”, one of the recordings which Dion and Shem cast out into the global data stream which in turn we had the immense fortune to fish out.


Dion October Lucas - vocals
Shem Lucas - guitar
Florian Helleken - drums
Manuel Manko - cello
Casey Glasson - guitar on ’Don’t Worry (Original)"
Kaneoka One - guitar
Two Horses - Organ

Recorded & Produced by Two Horses and Kaneoka One at Hazelwood Studios Frankfurt.


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