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Only Sad Songs

Fluorecent Light On My ...
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08/05 Bum Steer
11/08 Piraña
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When the Trash-Punk-Country allstars DM Bob and Jem Finer grab the traditions of the American South by the scruff of the neck and drag them into the garage, it’s guaranteed to get loud and dirty. With an appropriate dose of confidence, the duo breathe new life into the Southern-Skills and show how lasting and evergreen this music is, if you play it right. Like their fantastic debut album ‘BUM STEER’, the second album ‘PIRAÑA’ is full of trashy understatements and distinguished humor. TRASH doesn’t mean the meaningless result of juvenile cockiness, but an expertly disinhibition by a master hand, which makes traditions enjoyale again, by abandoning quackery and insignificance - the calculated deficit. The fact that Jem and Bob are not alone, but sharing an underground scene in Europe and North America with bands such as Skip Jensen, The King Khan & BBQ Show or Bob Log (only to name a few) for years only underlines the relevance of the beginning.

LINEUP ON "Piraña":

All Instruments by DM Bob and Jem Finer


Jackobus plays steel guitar on "Only Sad Songs" and "Going Down To TX".

Recorded, mixed and produced by DM Bob & Jem Finer at DM Bob Studios, St Pauli (HH). Mastered by Nick Robbins at Sound Mastering, London.


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