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Gift Of Song

Club Of High Eyebrows
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09/07Older Now

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Older Now ... declares Patrick Tilon and renders his alter ego in the color of the introverted. Mascis, Bowie, Dylan, Moore – as though it was no big thing, the legendary MC mutates into an androgynous white propagandist and entangles the Club Of High Eyebrows in a staccato of new wave- and post punk-fragments, of garage- and noise rock-hymns, of soul wrenched sing-a-longs as though they couldn’t be more contemporary. Thinking about the fact that not long ago the black man singing here, treated throughout the world as one of the vanguards of the extended hip hop scene, then the long play debut of the eyediosyncratic order virtually develops metamorphic features. “Older Now“ declares Patrick Tilon with the lackadaisical callousness of a Dorian Gray and does away with the etiquette, returns to the ferocity of consequence and burns down the house.


Silver Surfering Rude Boy Tylon – vocals
Niels Tunesius – guitar, choir
Jochem Van Rooijen – drums, percussion, glockenspiel
Michael Barkey – bass, some guitar, organ, fuk, choir

Recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Two Horses, Kaneoka One & 3feet Pete at Hazelwood Studios Frankfurt for Hazelwood Music. Published by Edition Woo.


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