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them codes...them codes

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Little By Littel

Someday (again)
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05/05 Them Codes... Them
- Codes

11/03 The weather beats
- the rhythm

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 Cargo HAZ 034

Who is he who is not tempted to rave that the new Broken Beats-album sounded like a vintage version of Country a la Calexico, that it lighted choral fireworks as we know them by the Poliphonic Spree, that it disposed of the elegy of the Beatles, that it was charged with a good portion Kurt Weil’s ease and of Zappa’s folly – and so on, and so on… How could he possibly be wide of the mark? And yet, wouldn’t it be as if he tried to measure the bracing magic of a gentle mid-summer’s night breeze in degrees Centigrade and meters per second?
Kim Munk draws a picture of the world as a scenery, as a stage setting where he has remained a stranger, with the raw melancholy of the leper, with the plaintive yearning of the young child crying for his mother, he orchestrates the dreams of innocence men have lost in their becoming – and speaks out our hearts, out of all of our hearts. Fatal, as the universal Donald Duck of his own history, the stalking Dane ricochets on the bewilderment of existence, mutating to the cue ball of the inevitable, in a way Walt (Disney) couldn’t have cartooned better. Now shouting in triumph, now sunk in despair. Music that is blooming straight from the source. Orchestrated introspection. Symphony of being. Fleeting, ephemeral - and bit by bit programmatic like you haven’t seen since Noah, and propagandistic like you haven’t heard since Dylan.


Kim Munk: Vocals, Electric Guitar, Accustic Guitar, Choir
Maria T. Wachmann: Electric Bass Guitar, Choir, "Femme Fatale" on Lost Soul
Nis Klougart: Electric Guitar, Choir
Mads Tønder: Drums, Choir
Leif Sommermeyer: Fender Rhodes, Upright Piano,
Mellotron, Choir

More Broken Beats are:

Rick Heart: Pedalsteel, Choir
Sidsel Brix: Choir, the griefing wife in Highnoon Desert
Erik Albrekt Nielsen: Choir, the lonesome 9th ghost
Jonas Becher: Percussion, cooking & waiting
Anne Marie Hvid Søndergaard: Choir
Søren Fledelius: Accustic Guitar and El-guitar

Broken Guests were:

Choir: Janis Elko
Violin: Irina Bunn
Viola: Friedemann Schimmel-Drake
Double Bass: Gregor Praml
Trumpet: Mr. Bishop
Trumpet: Stefan Lang
Trombone: Robert "Solomon" Göhring
Trombone: Tobias Zillner
Tenor Saxophone: Andy Pompe
Tenor Saxophone: Gabriel Geller
Bariton Saxophone: Markus Riessbeck
Sousaphone: Uli "Reverend" Krug
Vibraphone: Claus Kisselbach

Recorded, mixed and produced at Hazelwood Studios by Two Horses & Kaneoka One.


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